President The Donald Himself Quiz

Every once in a while we want to see if people are paying attention out there.

Question 1, President The Donald Himself’s tax return revealed.

A) That he paid no taxes.

B) He got 2 million dollars from a Russian in a uranium deal that was disguised as purchases from Ivanka’s fashion line.

C) He’s not a rich as he claims and only made $150,000 dollars that year.

D) He made 150 million dollars and paid 38 million dollars in taxes.

E) All of the above.

Question 2, President The Donald Himself’s tax return was obtained.

A) By a reporter who got it in the mail.

B) Was leaked to Rachel Maddow by President The Donald Himself.

C) Is a forgery and another example of Fake News.

D) By the Benghazi Committee who finally found something.

E) None of the above.

Question 3, Preet Bharara former Attorney General for the Southern District of the United States was fired by President The Donald Himself because.

A) He refused to resign.

B) The Russians ordered it.

C) He attended an Oscar party hosted by Vanity Fair and paid for by the Russians.

D) He couldn’t indict Mayor Wilhelm Wilhelm.

E) To make way for Omarosa.

F)All of the above.

Question 4, If President The Donald Himself’s new AHCA bill aka Ryan Care, is passed, the following will happen.

A) 20 million Americans will lose their healthcare.

B) 24 million Americans will die.

C) Paul Ryan will officially become a democrat.

D) No one knows.  It has to be passed by the House and Senate and signed into law before anyone knows what’s in it.

E) All of the above.

Question 5, In his speech this week President the Donald Himself promised.

A) A chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage.

B) Four freedoms.

C) To whack Big Bird and hang certain Federal Judges.

D) To repeal and replace Arnold Schwarzeneggar and make The Apprentice great again.

E) All of the above.


Question 1 is D.  Yes we were stupefied by this as we thought “only the little people paid taxes”.  If you got this right give yourself 20 points.

Question 2 is E.  Yes the reporter said he just got it in the mail but this is New York and while that might play in, do you know the way to San Jose, it won’t play here.  Again if you got E give yourself 20 points.

Question 3 is F.  All of the above.  That’s what we hear.  But we are sorry to see Preet Bharara go.  If you had F give yourself 20 points.  But if you picked A, B, C, D or E give yourself 5 points as all were true.

Question 4 is D.  That’s the way healthcare bills are passed in America.  You pass them and then figure out what’s in them.  Nobody reads them.  It’s not allowed.  If you got D it’s 20 points again but if you said A, B, C or E give yourself 5 points as one news source or another is claiming all of them will happen.

Question 5 D and yeah that one was too easy.

If you got 100 go to the contact page here and send me an email and your certificate will be on the way.

If you got 80 or above good job.  You’ve been paying attention but make sure to log onto every day to keep up.

If you got 60 to 75 you need to go to twice a day to keep abreast of what is going on in the world.

If you got anything less than 60, stop watching CNN.

Semper vigilantes

Pro Bono Publico

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Don Frankel

2 Replies to “President The Donald Himself Quiz”

  1. Livingstone

    …UGE STORY! The Donald DID pay Taxes?! The Russians must have leaked the tax return. Since the Donald needed their help to win the election, I guess he needs their help to keep the media at bay…

  2. Don Frankel Post author

    Dr. Livingstone as you and other readers of this column are aware, the Russians are everywhere and not just the election; the Oscars, the firing of Preet Bharara so look out Miss America. This is worse than when Nikita Krushchev took his shoe off at the U.N., pounded the table and announced. “We will bury you!” Turns out he was only fooling but Putin means business.

    On a serious note Dr. Livingstone you can post here to if you want to. I’m not trying to create another magazine like SWI with a whole bunch of writers but I can list other articles and you’re more than welcome here.


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