New York, New York, March 2017

New York City’s teachers no longer have to be literate.  This decided by the Board of Regents that oversees the city’s Education system.  Since no one else will, we have to ask this one.  Will teachers have to know math, geography, science, history?  What’s the objective here?

Well according to the Board of Regents a lot of the black and Hispanic teacher applicants fail the test.  So the object is to get more minority teachers in the New York City School system.  For those of you who wondered how the government figures out the ethnicity for everyone all the time, it is because on all government applications there is a paragraph that asks you check your ethnicity; white, black, Hispanic, native American etc.  But since you need to be able to read that paragraph and the people failing are illiterate, we have to ask this one.   Are they sure the illiterate people are checking the right box?  What is the veracity of the data here?

Now you could say that the Board of Regents and the Board of Education is aware of the ethnicity of their teacher population.  But we’re pretty sure that becoming a teacher involves interviews and all sorts of other procedures associated with anyone hiring anyone and well maybe, maybe it’s not the test.  We’re just asking.  That’s what you’re supposed to do in this journalism thing.

And Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm beat the rap.  It does seem as we speculated here, that he and the prosecutors from the Manhattan DA’s office and the Southern District of the United States sat around and yucked it all up and he s’plained it all.  So a hearty congratulations to Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm from everyone here!  And a prediction come this fall Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm will be re-elected!  Remember you heard it here first.

Now yes we don’t like to make predictions and some say this might be rather bold on our part because while he beat the rap, some say he still looks like a sleaze.  That and his poll ratings are kind of bad.  But this reminds us of a Fastpitch softball game many years ago.  We showed up with only nine guys and two of us were hampered by injuries so it did not look good for the Vleigh Place nine that day.  And we showed up a little late as finding that 9th guy wasn’t easy.  But we make it there at 6:25 for 6:30 start and we don’t even have time for batting practice.  Just enough time to put our uniforms on and maybe get our arms lose.  But then we all noticed a funny thing.  The other team wasn’t there.  And they weren’t there twenty minutes later when the umpire declared a forfeit.  That meant we won 9 to 0.  So this is why we feel confident in making this bold prediction for Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm because in any contest, when you’re the only one in it, you win.

And since we are into predictions today and opening day is right around the corner we have to go on record that we really like all the Yankee youngsters; Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, James Kaprielian, Jordan Montgomery, Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Tyler Wade, Jorge Mateo and quite a few others.  Now all these kids won’t make it the major leagues but a lot of them will.  They have too much talent not too.  But the next time the Yankees win the World Series most of them will be on the twenty five man roster.  So listen up Joe Giradi, go with the kids as soon as possible.  Because baseball, when played on a highly competitive level like it is in the major leagues, is a young man’s game.

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Don Frankel

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