The Nuclear Option

If you like most of us here, were expecting or hoping for a mushroom cloud to be blossoming over Washington D.C. last Friday, well you like us, were greatly disappointed.

Instead we got the same old aging, graying, dopey eyed Senators voting nay and yea and yea and nay and then it was over.  Maybe somebody could have at least set off a cherry bomb but no one did and it was kind of quiet.  And, well disappointing.  I mean this was the Nuclear option come to fruition and well it wound up just being ole, pudgy faced Mitch McConnell standing in front of a microphone and announcing that Neil Goresuch is now one of the Nine Pointy Headed Wonders of the World.  Nothing blew up and nothing melted.  Not sure about you but we were left asking, is that all there is?

And, this week also brought us something else that might go nuclear or so they say.  Susan Rice, she of the Benghazi-video-oops no one saw the video, is front and center in the ever growing but nothing will ever happen here, the Russians hacked the election and or Obama wiretapped the Donald Himself, thingy.  We’re not awarding it a Gate or a Ghazi as we think the whole thing is going nowhere.  But It is alleged that Susan Rice “unmasked” members of the Trump campaign, who had been surveilled by the 16 various intelligence agencies we now have.  None of whom by the way, ever seem to be able to find out anything or catch an actual terrorist but they can spy real good on every day Americans.  But when confronted with this perfidy of “unmasking”, Susan Rice said she.  “Leaked nothing to nobody”.  We hate to have to be the grammar cops here but aside from being terrible use of the English language, it’s a double negative, which makes that sentence read.  I leaked everything to everybody.

And President The Donald Himself dropped real bombs in Syria with real clouds, not mushroom ones from nuclear bombs but still clouds that indicate a big boom had just occurred.  And, this is sort of ruining the whole Trump as Hitler thingy.  Because if you’re Hitler its Poland.  You crush Poland.  Then you take France.  You don’t waste your time with Syria.

And the whole bombing thing starts because Assad used poison gas on Syrian civilians and President The Donald Himself thought that was heinous.  Now if you’re really Hitler that wouldn’t bother you, as gas is your thing and gassing people is what you do.

Oh well guess this whole Trump as Hitler thing we can now file under “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men /Gang aft agley”.*

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*Robert Burns

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Don Frankel

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