The Mind of the President The Donald Himself

President The Donald Himself doesn’t seem to have a mind all his own.  The Cognoscenti having been telling us that he bombed Syria because Ivanka told him to.  That’s right, not the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, not Secretary of Defense James Mattis, not the Joint Chiefs but Ivanka, his daughter.  Not since President Jimmuh Carter’s daughter Amy weighed in, has a President’s daughter so effected the course of modern history.

Before that for the first two plus months of his Presidency Steven Bannon was the mind behind President The Donald Himself.  Bannon was dreaming up all manner of evil cabals and then whispering them into the ear of President The Donald Himself.  Bannon was Iago, on loan from Othello.  Ah but then son-in-law and husband of Ivanka, Jared Kushner got President The Donald Himself’s ear and Bannon was out.  We were going to title this article The Death of Iago but then Bannon is still in the White House and still above room temperature.

But just think of the possibilities here.  If you could somehow whisper in the ear of President the Donald Himself, your ideas, your wishes could become America’s foreign or domestic policy.  And, overnight too!  And, this is not out of the realm of possibility.  As we all know this President, tweets his own missives.  You can go to Donald Trump on twitter and tweet right back at him.  If you do it at just the opportune moment, he just might read it.  You might replace Steve Iago Bannon, Jared son-in-law Kushner and even maybe Ivanka, First Daughter of the Realm or as some of us here like to call her, Khalessi.

But you will no longer have to curse the darkness and gnash your teeth at “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”*!  Your views could be those of President The Donald Himself’s!  Talk about a New World Order.  And, it could be your very own New World Order.

But then we reluctantly have to remind everyone that aside from Twitter and your potential ability to shape the New World Order, the Cognoscenti have said this about previous Presidents.  Remember, President Obama had Valerie Jarrett really running his Presidency or so they said.  President W, had the evil Dick Cheney and President Bubba had HerHillaryness or was it Monica?

But why is it that Presidents can’t think for themselves?  It is something about being locked in the bubble of the White House that makes a President lose all ability to make a decision or even think straight?  Is the pressure just too much?

We hope not.  But then with all the vitriol pointed towards this President and previous Presidents as well, perhaps the Cognoscenti wishes that someone else were calling the shots.  And maybe they think, the world would be a better place if Jared or Iago or Khaleesi, were calling the shots.  In fact, they may have a point too because as we look back at recent Presidential history, the last guy to call all his own shots, was one Richard Milhous Nixon.  And, that didn’t work out so hot.  You could look that up too.

Yes we are aware that President The Donald Himself dropped MOAB yesterday but none of the Cognoscenti have come forward to say who’s idea that was as yet.  We’re guessing Ivanka/Khaleesi.  And, for those of you who are not Game of Thrones fans and don’t get the reference to Ivanka as Khaleesi here it is.

Image result for images of ivanka trumpImage result for images of daenerys targaryen

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*William Shakespeare

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Don Frankel

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