“President Trump Wants to Kill Us”

“President Trump wants to kill us.”  You might think that quote belongs to Kim Jong-un or some of the ISIS guys who managed to survive the MOAB.  But no that came from Rachel Maddow, who if you don’t know has a cable TV show on MSNBC.  And, that’s not too good for her, as history shows that when The President of the United States wants you dead, well usually, you wind up dead.  See Osama Bin Laden, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and quite a few other guys.  But we have to hand it to her though.  She’s not hiding in some cave.  She’s on TV and every night too.  God bless her.  The lady’s got guts.

And when is it a wall and when it is a fence?  Seems the Talking Heads have gotten their pearls in a bunch over the current spending bill which allows for President The Donald Himself to spend 341 million dollars on a fence.  The spending bill doesn’t say “wall”.  Since we’re here to help, in baseball if you hit a home run usually you hit the ball over the fence.  But up in Fenway in left field they have a wall, aka The Green Monster and if you want to hit a home run there, you have to hit it over that wall.  Then in music there’s ‘Don’t Fence Me In’* and “Now if I had wings of an angel over these prison walls I would fly.”*  So the question is when is, it a fence and when is it a wall?  Beats us.

And Brad Pitt has given up drinking since Angelia Jolie threw him out.  Poor baby. We hate to have to explain this to him but when Angelina Jolie leaves you, is when you start drinking.  Now, is no time to, quit.

And this just in and it’s a revelation!  It seems that former President Obama, The Smartest Man Whoever Was or Will Be President of the United States proposed to another woman before he met Michelle!  OMG!  This is three years before he met Michelle!  Which means he had another girlfriend besides her!  This is real important.  Almost as important as when is it a fence and when is it a wall?

Now since this is New York it might be a good idea to take note of one Aaron James Judge, Yankee rookie who has hit 13 home runs so far.  It’s actually 14 because some fan reached over the fence, grabbed a, would be home run and the umps decided it was only a double.  But that blown call will only come into focus if young Aaron James Judge hits number 61.  For now, let’s all just enjoy the ball flying over the fences and the walls.


Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*Cole Porter and Robert Fletcher

*Vernon Dahlheart

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Don Frankel

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