“You’re Fired!” J. Edgar Comey et al

OMG!  No, this firing of J. Edgar Comey as brought to us by the Talking Heads of the Mass Hysteria sounds like it’s double OMG which readers of this column know, is so bad there is nothing beyond it.  Double OMG is the end.  Now we said sounds like its double OMG, not actual double OMG, because it seems that the Talking Heads and the rest of the Mass Hysteria, have never watched The Apprentice.  If they did they’d know that the climax of most episodes was when the, wanna be Apprentices would be brought into the Board Room and there, The C.E.O. one Donald John Trump would list all the failings of one of them.  And, it was sort of like Catholicism, where that week’s loser would get banged for not only the things they did but the things they didn’t do.  It would end on a familiar refrain delivered by one Donald John Trump.

“You’re fired!”

So while the Talking Heads of the Mass Hysteria seem bewildered by this everyone else knows the drill.

Mike Flynn.  “You’re fired!”

Sally Yates.  “You’re fired!”

And now the man who in his own mind, never did one thing wrong, like ever, J. Edgar Comey got his turn.

J.  Edgar Comey.  “You’re fired!”

While this may be news to some, “You’re fired!” is why most people voted for one Donald John Trump, now President The Donald Himself.

So don’t get too upset Talking Heads or anyone else who didn’t watch The Apprentice, just tune in next week, as eventually someone gets to be The Apprentice.  We think this time around it will be Omarosa.

And Matt Harvey pitcher for the New York Mets was suspended for failing to show up at the ballpark.  Known as the Dark Knight, Harvey has appeared at times to be your typical egotistical, self-centered athlete, who parties too much, dates beautiful models and has an enormous sense of entitlement.  So everyone pretty much figured that he got what was coming to him when he was fined and suspended, losing about $82,000 in the process.  But in just the last few days we’ve learned that his girlfriend the beautiful Super Model Adrianna Lima dumped him.  He in turn did what guys have been doing since time immemorial, he got wasted.  And, that’s why he didn’t make it to the ballpark the next day.  We think his teammates will understand now and so will the rest of us.  So as bad as the hysterical Talking Heads think the firing of J, Edgar Comey was, when Adrianna Lima told Matt Harvey.

“You’re fired!”

It was worse.  In fact, it was double OMG!!


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Don Frankel

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