“Sometimes Nothing Can Be a Real Cool Hand”

Recently I made a rather startling discovery.  I realized I didn’t know anything.  It was kind of depressing.  I mean I’ve been walking this earth for 67 years and I really don’t know anything.  I’ve only thought, I’ve known things.  But then I perked up a bit as I realized no one else knows anything either.  In fact, a whole lot of people know less.

But this is a rather startling admission for me as I’ve written over 200 articles over the last five years.  This means that whatever is in them might just be… nothing.  But then most of what we say disappears as soon as the sound waves they produce dissipate in the air.  And, it’s probably for the best.  Most of what we write is read and then well… forgotten.  And that too is probably for the best.

But now here is the question, just because I don’t know anything, is that any reason I shouldn’t have an opinion?  I mean since most everyone else doesn’t know anything either and some people know less?

Like take the Paris Climate Accord.  No seriously take it… puhleeze!  I’d like to weigh in on it.  I mean everyone is weighing in on it.  But then I think I sort of have to read it, right?  I mean to have any kind of a chance at a reasonable opinion.  But I don’t want to read that.  It’s the Paris Climate Accord so it’s probably in French.  I will admit to being able to read a little French.  I even passed a course in French Literature back in college, having to read La Chanson de Roland along the way.  But this Paris Climate Accord is probably just loaded up with heretofore, heretofore and resolved this that and the other thing.  Then it’s about the climate, so it’s got to also be full of scientific language and I probably have a better chance with 12th century French one more time.  So then I looked around at my staff here and everyone got real busy, real fast.  They’re not going to try and read that thing.  No flies on any of them.  But then I realized something, probably no one else has read it either and that’s not stopping them from having opinions.

But then I did read enough about the agreement to find out that the whole thing was voluntary.  Each country gets to set its own target to lower their own greenhouse gas emissions.  And, if you don’t meet any of those targets, well what is anyone going to do about it?  Nothing.  So the whole Agreement was about… nothing.  And that is something I can definitely have an opinion on.  I’ve just written 460 words on the subject.

And, like the man said in ‘Cool Hand Luke’.  “Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”

Dicens simile factum est

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Don Frankel

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