They are going to impeach Donald Trump Jr.  It seems unlike all the other people mentioned in the Kremlin Ghazi, that Donald Trump Jr. actually met with real  Russians from the Kremlin and not just some waiters at the Russian Tea Room, which by the way is a restaurant in New York.  One of the Russians was just a lawyer but the other one was a real live spy, just like you see in the movies.  OMG!  Does this mean that President The Donald Himself will have to get a new son?

And, we have to ask as it seems no one else will, once removed from office can Donald Trump Jr. be replaced by someone else, like HerHillaryness?  Chelsea?  Has anyone thought this through as yet?  We don’t want this to wind up like the War in Iraqi.  Where the war is won but it all blows up in everyone’s face afterwards.

And just this last week, the Court of Appeals of the 2nd Circuit of the United States vacated the conviction of one Sheldon Silver former Speaker of the New York State Assembly.  And, we were immediately reminded of one Raymond J. Donovan who was President Reagan’s Secretary of Labor.  Raymond J. Donovan got caught up in a big scandal that went on for years.  When the jury acquitted Mr. Donovan in 20 minutes, it was clear there had been no case at all.  But it left poor former Secretary of Labor Donovan, who’d been lambasted in the media for years, to wonder.  “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”  Well Shelly Silver’s defense was, so I make deals.  I do people favors, they do me favors and so I wind up rich?  This is illegal?   It seems he was a Gonif of the first order and proud of it too.  He was known as one of the “three men in the room” who made all the deals that ran the State of New York.  And one of two, who got convicted by juries.  So while the Court of Appeals reversed his conviction, they did it on a technicality that has to do with the Judge’s instruction to the Jury.  They said there was plenty of evidence to convict.  The State of New York will in turn, try him again.  But Sheldon Silver, unlike Ray Donovan has nothing to worry about when it comes to his reputation.  It’s intact.

Ah conviction, some people are born with it and some acquire them along the way.

And with a season ending injury to one of their starting pitchers Michael Pineda, the New York Yankees are mulling over whether to call up one Chance Adams a kid who is blowing away the opposing hitters in Triple A.  This is a tough decision as the Yankees have lost 20 of their last 29 games and they’re not sure if they want to make that change right now.  It might upset things.  BTW when do they figure out it’s time to put Joe Giradi back in the announcer’s booth?

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