“The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune”

We were bereft early in the morning of November 9th, 2016 as we are sure a lot of you were.  And most of you know the reasons by now but with the publication of ‘What Happened’ we now know the culprits.  First off and we never would have guessed this one, former President Barak Obama, The Smartest Man Whoever Was or Will Be President of the United States.  Then it was J. Edgar Comey no big news there.  Then it was The Russians and Putin of course.  Then it was Fake News, although we thought that was The Donald Himself’s line.  Then it was The New York Times who’d a thunk that?  Then there was Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and last but not least, it was you.  You, the American people you the Deplorables.  You went and voted for the other guy.  Now if it hadn’t been for all of that, guess who’d be President right now?  Shame on you!  Chalk this one up to “the proud man’s (or in this case woman’s) contumely”*.

And this model Marisa Papenmarisa papen walker 3

as you can see was posing nude and using the Egyptian Pyramids as a backdrop, when she was interrupted by Egyptian authorities.  The authorities were horrified and told her she couldn’t do this at the Pyramids.  She in turn explained that she does this all over the world.  That she was doing it with the highest respect for Egyptian culture and art and her pictures were going to be art as well.   When she refused to stop, they arrested her.  Then they strip searched her.  But there is sort of a happy ending here, as the authorities let her go with a warning.  Our guess is, the strip search turned up nothing.  Chalk this one up to “the law’s delay”*.

And Anthony “Little Anthony” Weiner has reared his ugly head again.  Pun intended.  It seems his lawyers in a last ditch effort to keep him out of prison have sent a memorandum to his Judge before sentencing.  In it they claim that Anthony Little Anthony is “sick”.  Really?  And, that he was in a “self-destructive spiral” when he kept sexting to a 13 year girl, complete with nasty pictures of himself.   Somehow the lawyers proclaim that the 13 year old was in control and Anthony” Little Anthony” wasn’t, the poor baby.  But here’s something for Anthony “Little Anthony” Weiner to ponder.  If it hadn’t a’ been for President Obama, J. Edgar Comey, The Russians and Putin of course, Fake news, the New York Times, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, that guy with the big hairdo and you the American people, you Deplorables, guess who would be President right now?  And, guess who might not even have faced prosecution or even if he had, might now be looking at a suspended sentence, if not an out and out pardon?  Can we say here that it was just, “not to be”?

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*William Shakespeare


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Don Frankel

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