Is It A Wrap?

There’s an old saying in politics that you “don’t want to get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy”.  Now actor Kevin Spacey only, plays a President on the Neflix TV show ‘House of Cards’ but they obviously forgot to tell him that one.  So it looks like he and his show are getting a one way ticket to Palooka Ville.  Or as they say in show biz, it’s a wrap.

And Harveywood is breaking out all over.  Everyday some new actress, actor or former child star comes forward with horrid stories of abuse.  If this keeps up, the American people might start to think bad things about Hollywood and the people who run it.  OMG!

And it’s not just confined to Hollywood.  Mark Halperin author of ‘Game Change’ and wise guy politico commentator all these years has gotten caught up in Harveywood too.  Seems he hasn’t’ been able to keep his hands to himself and all kinds of women are coming out of the woodwork to claim he’s sexually harassed them over the years.  So he’s been fired by NBC News, MSNBC News and HBO.  They are all shocked over there at NBC News, MSNBC News and HBO by the way.  And, Mika of ‘Morning Joe’ fame said that she and Joe had their “hearts break” for Mark Halperin who is, or was their buddy.  Guess Joe and Mika are shocked too.  But we also guess that the days of Halperin’s face being on Morning Joe and everywhere else across the Wide World of Talking Heads, is over too.  We’d say it’s a wrap but the News isn’t show biz.  Or is it?  Yeah, it’s a wrap.

And Paul Manafort was indicted in the Russians hacked the 2016 Presidential election or Kremlinghazi, as we will call it from now on.  But it seems Manafort was a sleazy business man a few years back and he laundered money with the Ukrainians and that’s what the indictments are for.  But no Russians!  Doesn’t’ this Mueller guy get it?  We want to know how the Russians hacked the election!  We want hacking and Russians!  It’s not about money laundering and Ukrainians!  We don’t care about no, stinkin’ Ukrainians!  It’s about the Russians!  We want Russians!  And, it’s not a wrap, until we have Russians!

Dicens simile factum est

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Don Frankel

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