Out of the Past

Whenever we see someone caught in a maelstrom, we always look to help.  It’s just one of the things we do.  And we also always look back in time to see if someone else who faced a similar situation, could give guidance to the embattled of today.  So here’s some advice to those facing the storm.

For Roy Moore Senate Candidate in Alabama try saying this.  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”  He might want to add.  “Or that one, or that one or that one either.”

For Kim Jong-un.  Try this one from Winston Churchill.  “We will fight on the beaches.  We will fight in the fields.  We will fight in the streets…”  He might want to update it a little too.  “We will fight in the Malls.  We will fight on Twitter.  We will never surrender.”

For President the Donald Himself when dealing with Kim Jong-un, he might want to take a page out of former Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s book and bang his shoe on the table while screaming.  “We will bury you!”

For Kevin Spacey, “I did not have sexual relations with that boy. “  And, he might also want to add.  “Or that boy, or that boy or that boy either.”

And George H.W. Bush has just had a sixth accuser come forward and claim he grabbed her ass.  Seems ole George the 1st used to like to take a hold of le derriere of a young girl, from time to time.  Well maybe a little more often than from time to time.  But his people have said he’s ninety three years old, confined to a wheelchair and his arms tend to drop when posing for pictures with people.  But that’s not going to work, as the latest accuser said this happened back in 2003 when George the 1st was a spry, young seventy nine years old and still standing on his own two feet.  There’s a picture of it too.  So his people might want to try and have him invoke LBJ.  “I will not seek and I will I not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President.”  Everyone will assume he has Alzheimer’s or dementia.

And, Vladimir Putin who is not embattled at all, as it seems anyone who complains too loudly about him dies of uranium poisoning.  And, he also seems to be President for life over there.  But still, it might a good idea if he also took off his shoe, banged it on the table and screamed “We will bury you!”  Just for old time’s sake.

Dicens simile factum est

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Don Frankel

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