Fake News

In an editorial on the CNN website two CNN reporters have asked that the term “Fake News” be scrapped and we are all for it.  While we normally are not in favor of censorship of any kind, we strive even harder, to never offend anyone at any time.  And obviously if two members of the Cognoscenti want to delete words from the human consciousness, those words must offend and offend deeply right?  We mean, like why else would anyone want them gone?  We just can’t help but wonder who those two words offend and why?

And we’re not sure this is going to work too well.  If we asked you right now, to think of a phrase that has two words in it and is associated with the news, what would it be?

And there is a scourge streaking across the nation leaving 7.3 billion dollars in damages in its wake.  And no, it’s not a hurricane or even global warming.  No, it’s “Death by Pokeman Go” or so say researchers at Purdue.  Seems players of this game stare so hard at their phone while searching desperately for its characters like Pikachu that they are crashing into all manner of things.  The researchers at Purdue have based their estimate of the damages wrought throughout the 50 states, on their study of Tippecanoe County in Indiana.  Police records in Tippecanoe County Indiana say that Pokeman Go has caused 134 accidents, 2 deaths and estimated damages between 5.2 and 25 million dollars.  So the researchers have extrapolated that data and projected it across the country.  That’s where they got the 7.3 billion in damages.  Should we call out the National Guard?  Should we ask President the Donald Himself to issue a series of tweets alerting the American people to the deadly dangers of Pokeman Go, especially Pikachu?  Or should we say there is nothing to really worry about here as this is just ____ ____?

As you can see in accordance with the wishes of CNN, we no longer use that term.  Is it working?

And yesterday’s headlines screamed, Matt Lauer has been fired by NBC!  This was Breaking News if there ever was Breaking News!  Seems Matt has been engaged in “inappropriate behavior” sometime or lots of times, we’re going with the lots of times, in the last 23 years over there and they just figured it out too.  They do have a news organization over there but it seems that Variety Magazine and the NYT had to do this one.  Variety says it has been working on this story for the last two months.  The NYT has been investigating Matt for the last three weeks and all kinds of bleep is about to come out.  As they said over there at CNN, “Matt Lauer it doesn’t get any bigger than this in our business.”  So it seems that while Matt has appeared as Mister Happily Married Man, Mister Congenial, Mister I care on the one hand, he was sexually harassing women with the other.  Or was it both hands?  But could we say that the public image here is not the private man?  Could we say Matt Lauer has been faking it?

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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