Hits And Misses

They say the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.  Now when it comes to bombs, it seems the bad guy with the bombs in Austin was stopped by a bomb.  And even though it was his, own bomb, the equation still holds up.  It might even be a little better, as it seems not just a good guy with a bomb can stop a bad guy with a bomb but even a bad guy with a bomb, can stop a bad guy with a bomb.  We guess you could say the same thing for a gun but we need to look into this bomb thing a little more.  It would solve one of Hollyweird’s problems too.  And, Hollyweird has a lot of problems, so solving any one of them would be good for society.  But one of them is, Hollyweird hates guns.  But they just don’t know how to make more than a handful of movies, without them.  Then there are other problems in society that bombs could help with, as no one gets mad at Bomb manufacturers or ever calls for Bomb control.  And there’s no equivalent of the NRA with bombs, like a National Bomb Association for politicians to cry and wail about.  Yeah, we’re really liking this Bomb thing.  Of course this needs a lot more study before we as a society just replace guns with bombs.  But it’s worth looking into.

And former Deputy Director of the FBI Andy McCabe now says he was dazed and confused when he gave testimony and that is why he had a “lack of candor” which is what got him fired.  He was having a bad day or a bad week or life, so he didn’t know what was saying but whatever it was, he didn’t mean it.  So now he just wants to know, when he can come back to work.

In anticipation of aging porn star Stormy Daniels interview on 60 minutes, someone on staff had to research her movies.  I am personally proud that all the men on staff here stepped up and volunteered, as there are a lot of those movies.  Each one is about 15 minutes long and she emotes well, as in “Ahhh ahhhh.  Yes, yes”, Ooo  Oohhh” and the ubiquitous, “Harder.. harder.”  And, the lady has skills, lots of skills.  She’s no Monica Lewinsky, who only had one.   And last night on 60 minutes, Stormy broke her silence.  She told how she and President the Donald Himself had an affair, once.  And that’s not once, as in once upon a time.  No it’s once, as in they did it one time, just one time!  Seems like, their “affair” was just like one of her movies.  So anyone looking for romance, love or even just sordid passion like we were, is just bleep out of luck.

And the invitations to Harry, Prince of Wales and Meagan Markle’s wedding are in the mail.  We check the mail everyday and so far… nothing.  If anyone out there got theirs and doesn’t plan on going, just let us know via the comments section here.

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