Problems, Mathematical and Otherwise

Young David Hogg 18 year old student at Stoneman-Douglas High School, Parkland Florida and the current poster boy for Gun Control is upset and not just because of guns or the NRA.  No, Young David Hogg has applied to four California Colleges and they all turned him down.  Hogg, who says he is going to change the world, claims he has a GPA of 4.24 and an SAT score of 1270.  Since GPA or grade point average is scored on a basis of 1 to 4 with 1, being the lowest and 4 being the absolute highest, it may be that math, is Young David Hogg’s problem.  Not that he would exaggerate because he’s only 18 and on T.V. every night or that he would ever lie to us.

Then we have Young David Hogg’s SAT score and the SAT is two basic exams, one for reading and writing and the other for math.  You can score between 200 as the lowest and 800 the highest for each of them and then your scores are combined.  David Hogg’s score of 1270 if true is in the 80 percentile and is okay, but nothing special.  So we’re sure the reason he did not get accepted is somewhere in the numbers, his actual numbers.  We hate to think it’s because he put down on his application that he is going to change the world and the reviewers thought he was delusional.  Or that they gave his potential slots to an illegal alien, especially if it was one who owned a gun.

And, Planned Parenthood tweeted out that they need a Disney Princess to have an abortion.  This means a Snow White or the Little Mermaid and therein is the problem.  We doubt the Disney artists ever, drew in all the parts.  Why would they?  The Disney Princess’s are cartoons.  But without all the parts, pregnancy is not an option and well, an abortion isn’t in the cards either.

And, Pope Francis has declared there is no hell, which is going to leave a whole lot of people, with nowhere to go.  It also means you can no longer tell anyone to go hell.  It’s not there.  And, we won’t be able to say it’s hot as hell or get out of someplace, like a bat out of hell.  Now we don’t mean to complain, especially about something Pope Francis gives a pronouncement on but you can see from just a few examples here that this is going to play hell, with the English language.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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Don Frankel

2 Replies to “Problems, Mathematical and Otherwise”

  1. Daniel Kaufmann

    Most liberal colleges are hell-bent on diversification (sorry about that, Pope Frankie, but heaven-bent means something else entirely different.but you know that.) which chops up the freshman class up by qualifications; high scorers, transfer students, students with school spirit ( athletics, book club , school paper, etc), foreign applicants then state resident. The applications are color coded for easy identification and weighted by the basic requirements i.e.SAT score.
    Along those groups, foreign applicants are considered most desirable as they pay cash a lot of cash!
    Without boring you anymore, YDH with all his unwanted notoriety from a tragedy the opportunist that he has shown to be just should have studied harder or joined mathletes!
    Good job Donnie! I will be going north for the month of August let’s get together for lunch.

  2. Don Frankel


    College isn’t what it’s crocked up to be. Like a lot of other things. They’re using this kid as their poster boy for their cause. It’s kind of sad that they have no one else. Of course a gun control law would be on a piece of paper and paper is good to use as a target.

    Lunch is good anytime after June 18th. 917-319-1214.


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