What the ….?

Did you ever get the feeling that you were missing something?  Like everyone is talking about a movie you didn’t see.  Or a TV series everyone watches on Netflix and you don’t have Netflix.  Everybody is all excited about this thing but you’re sitting there going what the ….?

We’re all having one of those what the….? moments because when we log on to Facebook, all we see are pictures of our friends Grandkids, pictures of what someone is about to have for lunch or dinner, funny little clips and nostalgia.  Yeah people are selling things and there are some political statements but where is this Facebook news?  In order to censor news, you have to have some news right?  Now as we report all sides we have to tell you that our ubiquitous, national and international, reporter Cynthia Caruso says, all the stuff you see on Facebook that is their news.  But the rest of us are looking for a Drudge type thing with headlines or even some Fake News from CNN and we can’t find it.

Then Facebook is selling our data.  But who would pay for pictures of John and Millie’s Grandkids?  Or a picture of a meal someone is about to eat in New Orleans?  Or one of those surveys you take to find out you’re a genius, even if you get half the questions wrong?  Someone pays good money for this?  What the ….?

Then there is this Zuckerberg guy and he’s testifying in front of the Congress.  And because of that his face has been all over the TV and the internet for over a week now.  And, he’s not ugly or anything but he has one of these faces that if you never see it again, life will be good.  And the Senators are being real nice to him because he’s given them all, a lot of money.  We guess to them, he’s like your ugly old Aunt with the bad breath.  She gives you fifty dollars on your birthday and Christmas every year.  You don’t want to have to sit and talk to her at Thanksgiving but then you don’t want to be rude to her either.  Hell, you like the fifty dollars.

And Paul Ryan Speaker of the House is not going to seek re-election.  The only reason guys like this don’t run, is they’re going to lose.  Now with Paul Ryan that could mean either losing the next election or not being named the Speaker of the House in 2019.  But rest assured Paul Ryan did not quit politics as he said, to spend more time with his family.  He spent the last twenty years of his life spending our tax dollars and getting rich at the same time.  There are not too many professions you can do that in.  In fact, we can’t think of another one.  And, for guys like him, nothing is sweeter.  Now what probably happened is, somebody showed him some election polls with the name of the next winner of his Congressional district.  Or someone showed him who his buddies in the House were going to pick for the next Speaker of the House.  And in one these scenarios, it wasn’t him.  At which point Paul Ryan, must have just shook his head and said.  “What the ….?”  Then he quit.

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Don Frankel

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