Ideas, Great and Good

Pope Francis tweeted.

“Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war.”  Pope Francis @Pontifex.

Now why didn’t anyone else think of that?  We guess that’s why he’s the Pope.  Now we think this is a great idea but we also think Pope Francis has to follow up on this by letting us all know just what is and what, isn’t a weapon.  Of course there are the obvious ones, like atom bombs and artillery just to name a few but terrorists have taken to using cars and trucks.  Then there is the knife.  It can be a weapon or you might use it to eat supper.  Try eating a tomato, or a steak without one.  You could do it but it would be messy.  Of course in the interest of world peace, we’re willing to be a little messy but as you can see we need some clarification here, like a list.   You know with weapons on the left hand side of the page and household items on the right.  So we’ll know what and what not, to buy.

Then there is a letter that a hundred women over at NBC signed that says Tom Brokaw is a good guy.  This is in reaction to a former news woman at NBC who said Tom Brokaw forced himself on her and belatedly took no for an answer.  There is another woman who also says he made unwanted advances towards her too but she’s decided to remain anonymous.  So NBC got the letter together because it must have seemed like a good idea.  But now it has come out that a lot of the women who signed the good guy letter, did it because they felt pressured to sign. They were afraid if they didn’t sign it their careers at NBC would be short lived.  This whole thing reminds us of a guy from the old neighborhood who had a letter from a New York State Mental Hospital that said he was okay now.  People used to make fun of that letter, as no one else had one.  Why would they need one?  Now we don’t know what happened over there at NBC.  Rest assured that we are digging hard.  And, we’re not saying anyone is yucking it up over there but we’re kind of guessing that nobody else at NBC, has one of those good guy letters either.

As the Yankees were about to play the Houston Astros the other night the announcer was pointing out that the Yankees had never hit a home run against the pitcher they were facing  Dallas Keuchel.  In the first inning Giancarlo Stanton got up and hit a Keuchel pitch into the right field seats.  When Giancarlo got up the next time he hit another Keuchel pitch into the left field seats.  You could think maybe Keuchel is losing it a little but then he’d never faced a Yankee lineup with Giancarlo Stanton in it before.  The Yankees traded for Giancarlo during the off season and he’s batting between Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.  And, from now one we’re going to refer to the three of them as Judge (Aaron 53 home runs last year, Jury (Stanton 59 home runs last year) and the Executioner (Sanchez 62 home runs in his 1st 206 games).   And, trading for Giancarlo in the off season is looking like a pretty good idea, maybe even a great one.

Dicens simile factum est

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