Some People Get It, Some Don’t

As the #metoo movement exploded across America New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman joined in as if he too was part of the movement.  But now four of his ex-paramours have come forward to exclaim that he liked to beat and choke them.  And, we realize all he was saying was, just like Big Harvey, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, yeah, me too.

As we like to give all sides of the story here, the former Attorney General of the State of New York Eric Scheinderman, said he was role playing.  He likes S&M.  But it seems he forgot to tell his girlfriends about it.  Or maybe whoever taught him about S&M forgot the part about the “safe” word.  Just in case you didn’t know the “safe” word is a word the person getting choked or smacked invokes to tell the other person, that’s enough for now.

Years ago in this journalism business no one had to know about these things but now in order to “tell it like it is” we have to go, places where wise men fear to tread.  But rest assured that it is all for the greater good.

And former Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver was convicted of seven counts of bribery, mail fraud and money laundering once again.  In case you’re not up on this case, Shelly’s original trial ended in him hearing “guilty” seven times but the New York State Court of Appeals decided that the Judge in that trial’s instruction to the jury was not up to par.  Now some wise guys might think the Judges on the Appellate Court were, maybe, friends of Shelly’s and decided to give him a break but we’d never say that.  But Shelly got another trial and he got to hear “guilty” seven times, once again.  We’re not sure what to call this sequel, Sheldon Silver 2, Return of the Seven Counts of Guilty or Shelly Silver They Got Me 2.

Now Eliot Mueller and his Untouchables indicted 13 Russians and two Companies in their never ending and undaunted quest to get the Russians, who ruined the election for HerHillaryness.  Since we endorsed HerHillaryness, we have backed this from the get go.  And, we thought and it seems most everyone else including Eliot Mueller and his Untouchables thought, that we’d never see the indicted 13 Russians or the two companies in an American courtroom, as they had already left the country.  But guess who shows up in an American courtroom?  One of the indicted companies!  OMG!  Now Eliot Mueller and the Untouchables were caught off guard and asked the Judge to delay the case.  Of course Eliot Mueller and his Untouchables needed a reason, so they said that they hadn’t served the defendant properly.  What that means in non legal speak is the defendant was not notified properly.  But the defendant was standing there in the courtroom.  So that point, did not go over too well with the Judge.   And, the trial is on.  So stayed tuned right here, as we’re pretty sure the Mass Hysteria is going to miss this one.

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