The Supreme Court of the United States

With the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the next vacancy on the Supreme Court, we guess that J. Edgar Comey is out, as a potential nominee.  Not just for this vacancy but possible future ones as well.  And we guess so is, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s suggested guy and President Obama’s last nominee for the Court, Merrick Garland.  And, you can scratch out our favorite, HerHillaryness too.  It just seems that President the Donald Himself, is going in a different direction.

And, we like to think of the nine pointy headed wonders of the Supreme Court as America’s version of the Delphi Oracle from Ancient Greece.  It must be so because every time there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, people both in and out of the media go into apoplexy.  Their contortions are so pronounced you might think they were in the last few contractions before giving birth.  Oh and just in case you’ve forgotten, the Delphi Oracle would be consulted in Ancient Greece when people had a real tough issue.  Guys like Apollo, would go to the Delphi Oracle to find out if it was a good idea to go to war somewhere.  The Delphi Oracle was sought out for other tough issues as well, and her opinions respected far and wide, just like our Supreme Court.  She was even around for the Romans too but long gone by the time LBJ and Bush the Younger came along, too bad for us.  But unlike Apollo and the ancient Greeks, if our Delphi Oracle/Supreme Court makes a proclamation and the people of the United States don’t like it, well, they can pass another law or even amend the Constitution.  And, we wouldn’t lie to you on this.  But if you don’t believe us, you could look it up.  But there is no reason for people to have a baby every time there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, or an abortion either, depending on their point of view.

And Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, known here affectionately as Cuomo the Younger, is threatening to sue The Supreme Court of the United States, if it ever, over turns Roe v Wade.  We’re trying to figure this one out because lawsuits start in the lower courts.  Then if either of the parties disagrees with the court’s ruling, they can go up the ladder of the Court system and eventually take their case, to The Supreme Court of the United States.  There is no court higher than The Supreme Court of the United States.  Its word, like the Delphi Oracle’s, is final in the world of courts in the United States of America.  So if the lower courts rule against Cuomo the Younger and he took the case to The Supreme Court of the United States, they in turn would let the lower court’s ruling stand.  Cuomo the Younger would lose.  If Cuomo the Younger wins in the lower courts, The Supreme Court of the United States would take the case to The Supreme Court of the United States.  Guess who wins there?

And it’s the final destination for a lawsuit.  The previously mentioned, Delphi Oracle, like Joe DiMaggio in the old song, has left and gone away, hey, hey, hey.*

Maybe someone should point this out to Cuomo the Younger.  Maybe he reads this column.  Like we always say, we’re here to help.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro bono publico

*Simon and Garfunkel

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Don Frankel

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