The Summit

Anyone worried about the ramifications of the recently concluded Summit between the United States and Russia, stop.  The Summit was not about the war in Syria, the situation in the Ukraine, Crimea or even Nuclear Weapons.  President Putin and President the Donald Himself met for one reason, and one reason only, and that was to fix the 2020 election.  They fixed the 2016 election and they know the parameters of what they need to do, but they also needed to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.  So don’t lose any sleep.  It’s a done deal.  The only question still on the table is, whether President the Donald Himself runs, or hands off to Mike Pence, or Ivanka.  But come 2020, emails will be hacked, Russians will be everywhere and you can vote or not vote, it won’t much matter.  The 2020 election is in the bag.

‘Anthony Bourdain Slams the Clintons!’

Anthony Bourdain is no longer with us but that didn’t stop him from denouncing the Bubbas in an interview last week.  Anthony Bourdain, is incensed over the Bubbas treatment of the women who came forward to tell their stories of abuse.  Abuse, these women all suffered at the hands and other parts of the body, of HisBubbaness.  Those women, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broderick.. whew.  There’s more but were time and space limited here.  And not only were these women abused by HisBubbaness but then HerHillaryness and even the Mass Hysteria, shamed them as well.  And, this has Anthony Bourdain in huff.  And, we’re a little confused here because all these HisBubbaness scandals, took place when HisBubbaness was President.  This is way back before Obama and even W, which makes it all over twenty years ago and in another century.  So we’re thinking these machinations from Anthony Bourdain, are a little late in the game.  But then maybe we’re wrong.  Maybe, when you’re dead, dates, time and even centuries don’t mean all that much.

‘Michael Cohen Has Secret Trump Tape!’

And we’ve got the transcript right here.

Michael Cohen.  “Hi Donald what’s new?”

DJT  “Oh, the running for President thing.  You know the same old same old.  How are you?”

Michael Cohen.  “Not good, not good.  You know that Playboy Model I told you about?”

DJT  “Yeah.”

Michael Cohen.  “She shot me down cold.  She doesn’t date married guys.”

DJT “You know Michael I was just reading this article on the internet and the guy who wrote it was giving advice about people who get caught in peccadilloes and he said.  When you get married… stop dating.”  Laughter coming from DJT.

Michael Cohen.  “That’s not helping.”

DJT.  “Hey it’s probably for the best.  You know her father is an old crook from the Ukraine and you know how those old Soviets are.  They find out you’re cheating on their daughters, they cut your ____ off.”

Michael Cohen.  “Yeah maybe it’s for the best.”

DJT “It is.  Gotta go Melania is on the other line.  Bye.”

Michael Cohen “Bye.”

Yeah and that’s all there was.  Sorry there doesn’t seem to be any there, there, maybe, next time.


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