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Here she is Miss America, Cara Mund.  And she complains that the Miss America hierarchy has silenced her.  She also said that in her year as Miss America they had bullied and humiliated her.  They told her what to wear, what to say and worse, what she couldn’t say.  Oh the horror!  Now maybe we’re off base here but we thought that wearing the clothes, looking a certain way and mouthing merry little inanities, was the job of Miss America.  And, not just for Miss America but just about all spokespersons, everywhere.  If Cara Mund wanted to speak her mind whenever and about whatever she chose, she should have been a Blogger.  Nobody tells us what to write here.  Of course the pay isn’t the same and she wouldn’t be on TV but the price of freedom is high.  Bloggers have always paid it.  And, it’s not too late Cara Mund.  Just forward your thoughts on any subject and we’ll give you an airing, right here.

Now former Director of the CIA, John Brennan says that the revoking of his Security Clearance by President the Donald Himself is an affront to his free speech and yours too.  We’re not sure how that last thing works, as 98.8 % of the American people do not have a Security Clearance but what do we know.  And, revoking his Security Clearance Mr. Brennan says, is an attempt to silence him.  He hasn’t shut up since but obviously, it’s just like Miss America.  If you can’t see the connection here, we can’t help you but once again.  Oh the horror!  But if John Brennan wanted to speak his mind whenever and about whatever he wanted, instead of being Director of the CIA, he should have been a Blogger.  And what we are willing to do for Miss America, we are certainly willing to do for the former Director of the CIA.  Just send it here Mr. Brennan.

And our Governor Andrew Cuomo or as we refer to him here affectionately, Cuomo the Younger has made a big gaff.  While speaking off the cuff at a bill signing Cuomo the Younger said.  “America was never that great.”  He got slammed from all sides for that one.  Probably he even heard from his father Cuomo the Elder from the other side, since Cuomo the Elder always said America was great.  The greatness of America, Cuomo the Elder would say all the time, was why he and his family could flourish here.  That included Cuomo the Younger, we’re sure.  And, Cuomo the Younger’s staff and even Cuomo the Younger himself, quickly tried to say he didn’t mean what he said.  But this may be one of those gaffs that politicians make from time to time that are never forgotten.  Sort of like Richard Nixon’s.  “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”  And, we feel Cuomo the Younger’s pain, as we know what it’s like to make a faux pas from time to time.  But the good news for us is it gets lost in the haze of the internet and pretty damn quick too.  So if Cuomo the Younger is going to make big gaffs well instead of being Governor of New York, maybe he should be a Blogger.  Just send those big gaffs to us right here.

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