The Spirit of 2018

While most people want to look back and reflect on the year that is coming to a close, we like to look ahead or forward.

Spotted at Madison Square Garden, was one Eliot Spitzer, former Governor of New York and former Attorney General of New York with his latest girlfriend.  Eliot Spitzer in case you forgot in addition to being a Governor and an Attorney General of New York, was also Client #9 of The Emperors Club, a high class, very expensive escort service.  They charged $1,000 an hour which is how Eliot got an ex put in front of a whole lot of things, including ex husband.  But undeterred and not too long after his divorce, Eliot Spitzer very publically dated one Lis Smith, who was a former spokesperson for Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm.  Lis eventually dumped him, so he got to be an ex-boyfriend too.  But undaunted Eliot Spitzer, ex-Governor, ex-husband, and ex-boyfriend, was seen making kissy poo with one Roxana Girand over this last weekend.  Some could say he should give it up, as romance has its limitations.  And, others may say he has poor impulse control, so he just can’t stop chasing it.  But we say either way, go for it big guy.  That’s the spirit.  2018 is a new year.

Then there is Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm who when asked why his national progressive agenda (and you didn’t even know he had one) was not catching on, responded that people told that to Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Mahatma Ghandi.  They didn’t stop trying and neither would he.  While some may make fun of him for comparing himself to those great figures, we say don’t stop there big guy.  They told Hitler that he couldn’t enact the Anschluss, crush Poland and then take France.  What did they know?  They told HerHillaryness she couldn’t run for President, because she was a woman.  She didn’t get elected but that was because of The Russians, Comey and The FBI not because she was a woman.  And, she ran didn’t she?  She ran a lot come to think of it, 2008, 2016 and maybe, maybe 2020?  And we say go for it big girl.  Iowa is heating up right now in anticipation of 2020.  2018 is a new year “and after all, tomorrow, is another day.”*

And reeling from the sex scandals of 2017, NBC Management has put out new guidelines for dealing with sexual harassment.  Employees who witness unwanted sexual advances are not only encouraged to report it but are required to report it.  They might get fired, if they don’t.  This is after decades of NBC Management covering up for one Matt Lauer in particular and a few others like NBC Vice President of Programming  Matt Zimmerman and of course Talking Head extraordinaire, Mark Halperin.  Now some may think this is a bit Draconian but this tactic of reporting on your friends and co-workers has a history of working and real well too.  See Germany 1933-1945.  In fact, NBC might also want to get the children involved as in, if they see Daddy putting his hands on someone who isn’t Mommy, call NBC Management ASAP.  This works real well too.  They could call these kids NBC-Jungend.  But that’s the spirit NBC.  2018 is a new year.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*Gone With the Wind

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Don Frankel

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