The Mullahs in Iran are upset that President the Donald Himself has squashed the deal they made.  They’ve called in John “I was in Viet Nam” Kerry, the guy they made the deal with and are talking his ears off.  Our sources tell us that John “I was in Viet Nam Kerry”, has sat and listened and agreed to most everything the Mullahs have said.  Much the same way he did when he was the Secretary of State.  But the Mullahs are getting more and more frustrated and angry, as nothing is happening.  The deal is, still dead.  Maybe they don’t get how it works or John “I was in Viet Nam” Kerry hasn’t explained it to them or maybe John “I was in Viet Nam” Kerry, hasn’t realized it.  But John “I was in Viet Nam” Kerry, doesn’t work here anymore.

Now some people are upset that John “I was in Viet Nam” Kerry is running around all over the place, talking to the Mullahs and anyone else who’ll listen to him.  But he can do that.  It’s not illegal.  Hell you could do it too, if like John “I was in Viet Nam” Kerry, you got a ton of money so you can fly all over the place and you’ve nothing else to do and nowhere else to go.

Of course we couldn’t miss the wedding of the century, at least the wedding of this century so far, even if we didn’t get an invite.  We’re over that now.  We’ve moved on.  And, we watched the entire marriage of The Prince and The Princess or as they are now known, The Duke and The Duchess of Sussex on TV.  Now we did happen to notice that certain celebrities seemed like they dressed for another wedding, by that we mean a different one, in a galaxy far, far away.  But we’re not going to mention any names.  I mean they will look at the pictures and know who they are, so why pour salt in any wounds.

The bride was beautiful.  In fact, she looked like she’d walked out of some medieval painting and into real life, in Windsor Castle.  The groom was handsome and even ole not so bonnie Prince Charles, looked dignified, even if he is The Man Who Will Never Be King.  We call him The Man Who Will Never Be King, because we’re pretty sure that Queen Elizabeth will live to be a hundred and something and Prince Charlie, will not.

Now we’ve been accused of being cynical here because we usually make fun of people and events.  But the marriage ceremony, the carriage ride, and the thousands and thousands of people lining the road and cheering, was an endearing moment, in all of our lives.  And, sometimes this life actually, gets to be a fairy tale.

Dicens simile factum est

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Don Frankel

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