Dazed and Confused

Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm of the City of New York has issued a directive to the New York Police Department to stop arresting people for smoking pot.  While it has long been rumored that Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm takes a toke now and then, no one has ever proven anything.  Still some say that’s why he is late to everything.  He’s hiding in the bathroom with the windows open after taking a few tokes, waiting for the odor and the haze to clear.  And, it’s not yet legal to smoke pot in NYC.  It is still a misdemeanor, if you’re caught.  And, maybe the Mayor is worried his own NYPD security team might put the cuffs on him, if he comes out of the bathroom, before the haze and the odor clears.  And, he’s tired of hiding in those old ugly bathrooms at City Hall.  There’s nowhere to sit, except in one of the stalls and that’s not a good place to be, when you’re dazed.

Now some people have the audacity to assume Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader of the House, is suffering from dementia.  They complain that she exhibits brain freeze, speaks incoherently sometimes, and seems confused at other times.  We think these people who complain about Nancy Pelosi Democratic Minority Leader of the House, are a bunch of Ageists.  Ageists, if you didn’t know are people who discriminate against and age shame, the elderly.  Why do we say that, because Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader of the House, has been doing these things for years!  Way before she got old enough to be age shamed.  So we have to ask why, are these people complaining now!  Is it her birth date March 26, 1940 that enables them?  Now as previously mentioned we’ve noticed these behaviors of Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader of the House for a long time.  And, we’ve had an ongoing discussion about it too.  Some people here think she smokes Pot.  Others think its Meth or really good Cocaine.  Now I think, since she’s got a ton of money, that it’s Ketamine, also known as Special K.  But it’s not due to her age.  Case closed.

And Harvey, Big Harvey got to do the Perp walk.  He’s finally been charged with rape and sex abuse.  His lawyer said that Big Harvey did not invent the “casing couch” which sort of sounds like maybe a guilty plea is in the works or it could just be PR.  But we’re pretty sure it means Big Harvey is not going with.  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”  Or the Bill Cosby routine of, “the lady was stressed, so I gave her some Ruffies.?”  A few people noticed that Big Harvey was carrying a book about Elia Kazan who was a Hollyweird Commie who ratted out all the other Hollyweird commies.  Some think Big Harvey was sending a message to all the other Hollyweird Pervs that he would rat them out.  But that’s not going to help him.  Pervs are not like the Mafia or the Commies of old.  You can’t get off by ratting out the Bigger Fish.  Besides, who’s a bigger Perv, than Big Harvey.  Who could he rat, out?  We just think poor Big Harvey used to be a big shot and now he’s just another Perp out on bail, with an ankle bracelet and a court date.  We think he’s reading about Commies back in the 1950’s, because he’s dazed and confused.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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Don Frankel

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