Former President Bill Clinton who we refer to affectionately here, as HisBubbaness was asked about his past behavior, in light of the #Metoo Movement and he said.

“I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work.”

And we thought that was kind of interesting even if the rest of the Mass Hysteria didn’t.  Because we always thought that doing things to people against their will violated the penal code.  But what do we know?  We’ve been wrong before.  We could be again.

And of course we could not miss the huge moment or, should we say UUUGGGEEE moment, since we are NYUGE, when President the Donald Himself shook hands with one of our buddies Kim Jung-un, as they signed the historic peace agreement.  While most of the Mass Hysteria has sat open mouthed at the off again on again, I will bomb you, no we will bomb you, negotiations that have gone back and forth for the last year, we knew what the fly in the ointment was.  It was Chuck-E-Cheese.  As readers of this column know, Kim Jung-un and President the Donald Himself had agreed on a Mc Donald’s, a Taco Bell, a KFC and even an Appleby’s, for Kim Jung-un.  But King Jung-un was holding out for a Chuck-E-Cheese as well.  And tough negotiator that he is, Kim Jung-un got it.  The rest is history.

Of course leave it to us, to have to explain what happened with J. Edgar Comey.  The Inspector Generals’ report referred in an obtuse way about the “insubordination” involving J. Edgar Comey.  Specifically in his handling of the HerHillaryness emails found on Huma Aberdin’s computer.  Forget all the double talk.  What was going on was, J. Edgar Comey thought HerHillaryness was going to win the election.  That’s why he paid no mind to the emails on Huma’s computer.  It’s called kissing the boss’s ass.  Or in this case the boss to be HerHillaryness’s, ass.  What must have happened a few days before the election was somebody showed J. Edgar Comey polls that showed The Donald Himself was going to win the election.  So J. Edgar Comey promptly opened up the investigation into HerHillaryness’s emails once again.  J. Edgar Comey was trying to kiss the ass of one Donald John Trump.  Is that a crime?

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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Don Frankel

2 Replies to “Explanations”

  1. Daniel G Kaufmann

    You’ve might have been a little harsh on the good ‘ol boy! Apparently, there is no timeline on precedent in the oral strike that oval office! You surely remember the adage about history repeating itself. Well, Bubba has always a habit of trying to outdo himself.

    Now, the Uuuggggge! movement. There might be a touch of plagiarism because down here in South Florida, there is an obnoxious bozo who runs TV ads for Kia Automobiles 24/7, ending his pitch with, “it’s uuuuuuuuuggggggggge!” Ugh!

    The fast food reference is nothing short of a brilliant observation! Who knew high cholesterol and hypertension would outdo nukes!

    J.E. Comey trying to be like the original J.E. is pathetic. Every step of the way he screwed up; flip-flopping on did she or did she not break the law, then publishing his story too early. You gotta call a spade a spade! Comey is an over aggressive asshole!

  2. Don Frankel Post author

    Thank you Danny. I think it’s obvious that J. Edgar Comey was trying to kiss HerHillaryness’s ass and then when he realized that Trump was going to win he was trying to kiss his ass. No one else seems to see it. But sadly for him there are no more asses to kiss.

    Uuggge was used by both President Trump and Bernie Sanders during the election so I definitely stole it from them.

    Poor HisBubbaness I always thought during his Monica scandal that he liked all the attention. I imagined him sitting in front of the TV and yelling to HerHillaryness. “Hey Honey come and look. They’re talking about my penis.” And it is sad to see no one much cares what he thinks or says anymore.


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